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San Francisco Fire Department
Division of Training

Lieutenant Ron Rosser

The JNJ roof prop is well designed and engineered, and much more than a roof prop. Since putting it in service at the division of training we have barely scratched that surface of its capabilities. To date we have used it for flat roof operations, various pitched roof operations, wall breaching, bailout drills, and roll up door forcible entry simulations. It allows us to hammer home the basics and introduce and practice new techniques and methods. With large amounts of academy recruits, probationary members, and in service training that happens daily, it’s nice to have one piece of equipment that can accomplish so many different evolutions. San Francisco is very happy to have the JNJ Roof Prop. *Every department needs to evaluate their individual training needs; this does not constitute an endorsement and is based solely on our training and experience of this tool.

CAL FIRE - Rancho Cordova
Deputy Chief Brent Stangeland

JNJ makes an outstanding high-quality adjustable roof prop. We currently have 3 props at the CAL FIRE academy. To date, we have had several classes of 46 students utilize them without any issues. The props are great for various disciplines including variable pitch roof cuts to wall breaches to bailouts giving our students a great safe platform to train and work from.

Shell-Vista Fire Department
Captian Matt Garner

We have had the pleasure of using the JNJ roof prop for over 5 years. The flexibility of the prop has allowed us to not only train on vertical ventilation but cutting overhead roll up doors, barred windows and simulated wall breaching as well. All of our personnel that have trained on the prop were thoroughly impressed with the design, construction, and safety along with its simplicity of use. It practically eliminates the need for a fixed building when teaching fundamental firefighter skills.

CAL FIRE - Santa Rosa
Captain Gino DeGraffenreid

Far more than just a roof prop, this is without a doubt the most versatile prop I’ve ever seen. You can comfortably train your new recruits to roll rafters while set up as a flat roof and challenge your veterans when set up as 12’’ on 12’’. When stored vertically, you can even frame in windows and doors to a train on everything from forcible entry, wall breaching, and bailouts. The functionality and finish are first class. This prop will not disappoint you!

Glen Ellen Fire Department
Captain Dan Pierce

Having had our roof prop for several years now, it has turned out to be one of the best training investments we have made. Ventilation is difficult to realistically train on as acquired structures become more scarce. The prop solves this issue and has become a regional training tool that allows more of our neighboring Departments to train together using the same standards. We also use it for forced entry, firefighter survival and RIC training to name a few. It is only limited by the users imagination.

West Webster Fire District
Assistant Chief Vince Pratt

Having a roster of 125 firefighters makes it a logistical nightmare when trying to offer off-site, hands-on training evolutions. We no longer need to take an apparatus out of service, and can now offer high-quality training on-site. Our new roof prop gives us the freedom to train our personnel at our convenience. Easy to assemble, great customer support, coupled with a high-quality product made this purchase one of the smartest our training department has made. I would recommend this product in a heartbeat!

Novato Fire Department
Captian Nole Pacheco

We are really happy with the prop. It’s a much cleaner design than the house-made props we used.  It was easy to install, feels really heavy duty, and works very well. The pitch adjustment works flawlessly and the option to change the roof pitch during the same training, so rapidly, is a game-changer.

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JNJ Roof Prop

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