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Previous roof training has been done using abandoned buildings slated for demolition, which availability has diminished over the years, leaving firefighters with little hands-on roof ventilation training. In 2001 Sonoma Fire Dept built a new station with a 3-story drill tower. The training tower services four fire districts and includes many training props; FDC connections, sprinkler head flow, confined space, repelling, forcible entry door, and the ventilation roof prop. Inspired by this development, three firefighters with over 80 years in the field combined developed a safer, cost-efficient, and multi-use roof prop.


This new roof prop design gives stations and individuals the answer to the biggest challenge, such as limited space, the anchor points for repelling, and the need for hose and ladder use and storage. The prop has been designed and developed to be realistic changeable, and the option to use other tools in collaboration and is made in the USA.



Retired Fire Captain of Sonoma Valley Fire Rescue after 30+ years of volunteering and working with the fire department in Sonoma Valley. ​​



Retired Fire Captain of Oakland Fire Department after 35 years of working on U.S.A.F. Reserve, Sonoma, Petaluma, and Oakland's fire departments.​​



Over 19 years of volunteer work with the Sonoma Fire Department and an expert in custom metal fabrication.

JNJ Roof Prop

This is a USA made product

Office Line: (415) 330-9000 | Shop Line (415) 420-8338

Sonoma, CA 95476

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